Enamoured with Fabric Envelopes

I have no good reason for liking these. They are not practical, take a lot of work and are single use in many cases. Still I like them. I have seen them before and when I found out Design Sponge had posted another supply list and pattern, I had to take a look. Perhaps if I make one I’ll get over being enamoured.
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diy wednesdays: fabric envelopes

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Completed Tote

Candy Tote with Flowers
Candy Tote with Flowers

As you may remember, I bought some fabric at Always Quilting on the day I went to longarm.

After finishing the Clear tote, I looked around for my next project. I had tote bags on the mind, so out came the fabric and off I went.

I cut out two totes. This is the one where the main outside part of the bag is made with the flower print from the Ginger Blossom line by Sandi Henderson. I have used the stripe fabric from the same line for the accents and the lining [inside].

One GREAT thing about this project, aside from geting a new tote bag out of the work, was that I learned to use the button hole function on the Jem. It is much easier to use than the button hole function on the 9000. Now I don’t have to go to Seattle in order to make button holes! TFQ’s machine makes GREAT button holes. The Jem button holes will be a suitable facsimile, not as good as going to Seattle, but suitable.

I have enough of the stripe to make another bag. It is already cut out, but I didn’t do very well making two bags at once, so I just cut both out and lined them. Once that was done I limited myself to sewing one at a time. I’ll sew the other one this weekend.

I also have some blue flowery fabric that I bought for a tote. Perhaps I will get that done as well. It feels like a good time to make tote bags. TFQ asked me if I was still using the Favorite Things Eco Market tote pattern. I am, but she made me think that, perhaps, I should dig out those other tote patterns I have purchased over the past year and try one of them out. I really want to try the Liesel tote. I am a really big chicken when it comes to 3D things, so I’ll have to gear up.