CPP: Look what Kathy Made

I took a look at Kathy’s Finishing Lines site and was pleased to see that she used one of her CPP responses to make a little quiltlet. I am so thrilled! I think that this is the ultimate goal of the project – to get people’s creative juices flowing.

Nice job, Kathy!

clipped from finishinglinesbyksperino.blogspot.com

awakening quiltlet

Below is the CPP image colored with pencils and copied on Printed Treasures. Mistakenly, I heat set my colors without removing the paper back; then it was impossible to peel. I soaked it to loosen the paper and while that was laying out to dry….

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Sketching #33

Creative Prompt Response: Spiral #33
Creative Prompt Response: Spiral #33

After working so hard on the detail on last week’s response, I find that this one doesn’t have enough detail. I did a number of studies and couldn’t figure out what else to add so I am just posting it.

On one hand, the art on the wall of the dining room has a lot of detail. Perhaps it balances the sparseness of the rest of the drawing?