More Carpet Inspiration

I must walk around looking at my shoes, because I admire a lot of carpets. I, especially, find hotel carpets very interesting. You might remember that I was inspired by some carpet in Dallas in April?

Once again, as you can see from above, I found some great carpet designs.

Nosegay Comments

You might remember that I moved the blog over to WordPress (here) in February or so of this year. The Blogger version of this blog still exists, but It is not being updated. Thus, I was surprised to get a comment on the Blogger version of my blog. I am glad people are still finding their way to my quilt words. The comment was about the Nosegay, attached to a post from January about the completion of the Nosegay. The commenter, MaryJane,  was not at all happy with my choice of colors for that project. Sadly, she did not leave an email or a blog where I could go an look at her stuff.

This has made me think about comments on blogs. It makes me wonder why people leave comments and why someone would feel compelled to say my color choice for that project was ‘quite awful.’ They might really be quite awful, but her comment was really not helpful. Why were the color choices awful? Is there some color rule that I broke? Or is the comment just a reflection of her love for lumpy colors (as the Child calls them) like grey, khaki, beige, and olive?

And granted, as I have admitted, the photos of the Nosegay aren’t that good. None of the ones I have taken do it justice. It is a large quilt and difficult to photograph. As soon as our financial situation changes, I plan to take it to my professional photographer and have it photographed by someone with a space large enough to do it properly.

In public spaces, I really try to say something nice about a project even if it is not the style or colors I would choose. I feel sorry for MaryJane. I think she must be an unhappy person who had to rain on my parade to feel better about herself. Or perhaps, she is just mean and nasty, or someone who intensely dislikes me and disguised his/her identity.

I like the colors I chose for the Nosegay and think that it is a cheerful quilt. Still, the comment made me think and, I have to admit, threw me for a loop.

The Artquiltmaker blog on Blogger has good info, but all of it has been transferred here to WordPress, so I implemented some safety features on that Blogger blog to send people over here to Commenting there may not be as easy for you as it once was. I didn’t feel right in removing her comment, however, and this is a good compromise.

Everyone should feel free to comment honestly on my blog, however, it would be much appreciated if criticism were constructive. Also, ‘man up’ and put your contact information so we can have a constructive conversation.

I am not sure why I am writing this since my regular readers are supportive and constructive in the comments I have received. (Thanks, TFQ, Quilt Rat, SherriD, Beena, Julie and everyone else!) I have to remind myself this was probably an isolated incident that has really nothing to do with me put out there by an unhappy person.