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I am so pleased to relay Linda’s good news about her upcoming fabric line for Avlyn. She also gives me / some kudos, which I also appreciate.
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I am truly excited to announce my collaboration with Avlyn Fabrics as one of their fabric designers. My first collection is fun, fresh, and whimsical.
The kind of fabric that makes you happy!

When I first put my pencil to paper, my thoughts were of you, the quilter, sewer and crafter. We LOVE color and that was a no brainer for me as I am a huge lover of color too. I designed this first collection with some of the things I love……can you tell I am being quite secretive??? Believe me, I am full of anticipated excitement to show you the finished fabrics…..but we are still working on a “name” and finishing up the coordinates. I know in my heart you will love it!

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Grab Bag

Grab bag
Grab bag

This was another pattern from All People Quilt called Grab Bag. We were invited to a party on Sunday night. I whipped one up to bring to the guest of honor. I have wanted to test this pattern, so it seemed like a good opportunity.

I struggled a bit with some of the directions, especially the last few dealing with the handle finishing. Eventually I figured out what they were trying to tell me, but not without a fair amount of ripping. It was a good exercise in patience for me. I am sure companies like All People Quilt struggle with making the directions short AND easy to understand. For my part, I am glad for some of these free patterns.

I used an old large flower print for the outside and a Marimekko for the lining.

There are two major changes, and one minor change, that I would make on future Grab Bags:

  1. I used regular batting like I use for quilts. I wouldn’t do that again. It makes it puffy, which is sort of cool, but I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t drape very well. I would like to try an interfacing to see how that drapes. I see experimentation with interfacing in my future. My other idea is to only put the batting on the bag part.
  2. I would also make the inside just a bit smaller than the outside. The directions say to use the same pattern piece. It is fine (and much easier to write a pattern, I am guessing), but the bottom of the lining bunches up inside the bag. Not much, but enough to not look very professional.
  3. The pockets are an odd size as well. I would make them a tiny bit larger, heightwise.
Grab bag detail
Grab bag detail

Above is a view of the inside. You can see a bit of the pockets and the Marimekko print.

I am pleased to have tried two new bag patterns. I think it  has allowed me to feel sufficiently successful and warmed up to try the Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker tote, I discussed in yesterday’s post.