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I think one of Lisa‘s idea’s with One World One Heart was to show off different artists’ work. It worked for me.

I was checking a comment (some of the comments look just like spam – bleah!) on the OWOH post and was taken to Roc’s blog. As you know, I am a wannabe visual journaler and just haven’t quite gotten there yet. Don’t worry, I am not giving up.

I was thrilled to see Roc’s blog, because her visual journaling work is wonderful. I really like the textures and the different imagery she uses.

I think one of my issues with visual journaling is that it looks messy. I know that the actual process is messy and I am not into messy, especially painting and such. However, the pages look messy. There is a lot of stuff on them. I like that look, but it is also keeping me from trying. That sounds like it makes no sense.  I guess I need a therapist to work on that weirdness!

In any case, enjoy Roc’s blog.

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4 thoughts on “Roc’s Blog – Inspiration from One Heart One World”

  1. I know what you mean about visual journaling looking messy, but there is no reason why it must look messy, or why the process must be messy. The particular approach to visual journaling that is popular right now reflects a particular design aesthetic, but who says you have to journal that way?

    Take a look sometime at Kate T. Williamson’s book “A year in Japan” or Sara Midda’s book “South of France: a sketchbook” — those both represent a kind of visual journaling. Not saying you should emulate those, either, but there’s no law that says you need to use the dense, highly colored collage approach. You could do visual journaling just doing the kind of sketches you do for your Creative Prompt responses… or any other way of using visual elements to reflect what’s happening in your life…

    1. TFQ: I guess I have to think about what purpose a visual journal serves. I think I have done a bit of that which has steered me away from that medium. I see it as a way to explore creativity with different supplies. Thus far, I am doing fine with the supplies I am using. I think that making totes and other small accessories is feeding a need I thought I could feed with visual journaling. I did have a lot of fun being messy at A Work of Heart, but I also didn’t have to collect all the supplies, set them up, know how to use them and clean up. That was fantastic.

  2. What is the purpose for your visual journal? It is always good to experiment with new media and techniques, but for the most part I like to work in media that I feel most comfortable using. It can be pencil, pen-and-ink, crayons, markers or whatever lets me freely express what I picture in my mind. I use my visual journal as a place to capture design thoughts and ideas. Some are sketches, most doodles, and some clippings. For the last couple of years I have been making little sketches and notes on post-its.

    It is fun to look at the bright painted collage pages that are popular right now. I am itching to include words in some of my next art quilt projects.

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