Cupcakes, Mark is BACK!

I just read the following on Mark’s blog, which is wonderful news IMO. I have a whole bunch of notices to watch the QOL videos in my email and I just wasn’t enthusiastic about watching them without him. I will, of course, just not sure when. Better get on that, huh?

Go to his blog and leave a comment there if you are so inclined.

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Quilt Out Loud-er . . .

Well, cupcakes, after a brief negotiation and a fair resolve, I’m going back to and Quilt Out Loud for 12 additional, NEW episodes!
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New Retreat Fabrics

Retreat Fabrics Jan 2010
Retreat Fabrics Jan 2010

I used some of my Christmas money to buy some new fabrics. Are you surprised?

The second row dot fabrics will be a tote bag. I love the color combination. I thought the orange was more of a salmony orange, but the lighting in the store wasn’t that good and I found out it was a more pure orange. That is ok. I still think the color combo looks good.

I may use them to try the scaled down AMH MTT. I still haven’t tried the scaled down version. I have a rule to use good fabric for new projects in case it comes out well, but I decide not to make the pattern again (remember the Sweet Harmony bag?)  Thus, I am wondering whether I want to use good fabric and possibly screw it up or fabric I don’t care that much about and have it come out really well.

Julie took me  to a store called Hart’s. What an awesome store! They had one of the largest selections of quilt fabrics I have seen in a long time. The quilt fabric selection was HUGE! Julie said she hadn’t been there in a while because of a bad experience  when her kids were little. We were pleased that the service was excellent!

Hart’s also has an upholstery section. They had lots of wonderful upholstery fabric, trims and laminated cotton. The selection of laminated cottons and oilcloth was more extensive than I have seen anywhere. Some of their laminated cottons were so soft they were almost like non-laminated cottons.

The Cal fabric, from Beverly’s, will be for some pillowcases. That is all I can say right now as I am contemplating whether they will be gifts. Yes, I am planning ahead. Stay tuned.

The red dot fabric (top row, third from the left) was the gift wrapping on my gift from Julie. I don’t remember seeing those dots and the wrapping she did looked like that form of Japanese wrapping, whose name I can’t remember right now.