History of the Janome Company

I was referred to this site from somewhere and found the brief history of the company that makes my machine to be really interesting. I especially like the “Eye of the Snake” part.

I also know, now, why I was so confused when I bought my machine about whether I had a New Home or a Janome – that was they year they officially changed the name! Yes, I have had my machine for 15 years.

Finally, the article gives a little teaser about what is to come in Janome machines.

clipped from www.janome.com
150 Years Of Janome Sewing
Craftsmanship Born In The Days Of Horse And Buggy Leads The Way In The Computer Age
In 1860 technology was on the verge of opening up huge new possibilities to the American way of life. Already, a new kind of high speed sailing ship called the clipper could cross the Atlantic in less than 14 days. An instantaneous form of communication called the telegraph was about to cross the U.S. continent. And an amazing device called the home sewing machine was allowing Americans to sew clothes for their families at a huge savings in time–a shirt that took 14 hours to sew by hand could be sewn by machine in 1.5 hours.
Because the shape of these bobbins reminded people of a snake’s eye, the company was given the new name of Janome, which means “eye of the snake” in Japanese.
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Modern Quilt Guild

I found this guild via FB. I liked the site, because it pointed me right away to a local group. The local group has a Ning with photos, discussions. I joined right away and found that people are trying to organize meetings in my area. YAY!

Check out the site and see if there is a group in your area.

clipped from themodernquiltguild.com

Just another WordPress.com weblog

Just another WordPress.com weblog

Member Guild Links – Sign up on their page if you’d like to join!

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Minor Detail

Pencil Roll Fabrics
Pencil Roll Fabrics

I am thinking of using this combination of fabrics for my next pencil roll. I will center the main part of the back around those two feathers and the teal and chocolate will be the inside and the pocket piece. I thought I would start this the first weekend in Feb, but kind of tanked and didn’t do it.

The upholstery fabric is another FabMo fabric. I already pried off the tags and removed the staples.