Sketching #52

CRP #52: Sterling
CRP #52: Sterling

I often sit down at my sketchbook and wonder whose dumb idea the current word is? Then I remind myself it was mine and resolve to find a better word for the next week.

This one actually formed in my head pretty quickly. I wanted to look up an actually picture of Big Ben and Parliament, but was, ultimately, too lazy.

I really need to get back to my street scenes.

One World One Heart Winner


OK, girls and boys, I am here to announce the winner of the one World One Heart blog go round/ blog project/ whatever it is called.

First, my goal was to get new blog readers, so I hope some of you will stick around and join our little community here.

Second, I appreciate everyone who actually took a look at my blog and followed the requests that I had about entering .  I really wanted to know where everyone was coming from.

Finally, I also really liked it when people said something about my posts or a post. I was tempted to toss those who didn’t follow the directions out of the drawing. However, I was persuaded otherwise and everyone stayed in.

TA DA!!! The Winner is:



Southern Style blog

You can also make your own Over the top bag. The pattern is from All People Quilt. You can read about my bag in my August 26th post. Lisa put up a list of all the OWOH participants in alphabetical order. Great list if you are looking for some blogs to read!