PamDora, Clutter and Using Precious Resources

I was reading about people being loathe to let go of things because they might need it “sometime.” I saw the quote from Julie Morgenstern and it confirmed my recent attempts to just use the fabric. Yes, some of it might be precious, but c’est la vie! There will be more precious fabric.

By the way Pam has some FABULOUS pictures in her blog post, so take the time to take a look.

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PaMdora's Box

Shoes and Clutter

Update: I was joking about clutter when I wrote this post late last night, but just now read a good blog post about myths of clutter by organization expert Julie Morgenstern. One line really jumped out at me: “Releasing the obsolete will get you unstuck—by opening up space for something new. It creates the energy, space to think, and time to figure out what’s next.”
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