Retreat Stars for San Bruno

I went to a quilt retreat this past weekend and was thrilled to receive 8 more blocks!

Bron's Retreat Stars
Bron’s Retreat Stars

Bron is a star herself and came through with 3 more blocks. These are her best yet, I think! I am fickle, though, because every time she gives me more blocks I like the new ones best.

I like the fabrics she chose. The stars are really bright and cheerful.

I brought some fabric to the retreat to make it easy for people to make blocks. It turns out that I didn’t have much of the really dark blues, which I was hoping to use in the background. I also brought Around the Block to help with the patterns. I thought about reloading Judy Martin’s Star block add-on to EQ7 on my computer, but I didn’t get around to it before I left for the retreat. It ended up not mattering, because people didn’t use the fabric to make blocks anyway!

Diane's Friendship Stars
Diane’s Friendship Stars

Diane also made some pieced and appliqued Friendship Stars. She got up at the crack of dawn yesterday and beavered away on these. I have talked about Diane before. She does wonderful silk painting, but not much piecing beyond borders. I talked about her pear ATCs, which I just love. She said she struggled a bit with the piecing and ended up appliqueing 3 of them. I thought it was very clever! Her blocks are great.

I have been promised some more blocks, so perhaps we are starting to get attention and will have enough to make some nice quilts.

Want to help? I am thrilled at how many people are making a  block or two. Do you want to contribute some blocks?

All star blocks are welcome!

Block background: dark blue
Block design: Yellow star (any pattern, technique, eg. embroidery, painting, silkscreen, etc)
Block size: 8? finished or smaller (we will work with any size)
Remember to sign your block!

Deadline: TBA, probably around the end of March

Contact us through our blogs for mailing instructions. Thanks very much for your generosity!