Various and Sundry 2011 #3

Since it is never too early to start making gift bags, especially since you can use them for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Groundhog Day, etc. Here is a video gift bag tutorial for another way of making gift bags.

TedTalks is back with a great audio essay on work life balance. That term “work-life balance” always makes me laugh. People take time for their lives in the midst of work here in the US. IMO, of course.

I went to the C&T Publishing Digital Lounge, which is hosted by Lisa of LisaLizaLou, on a recent Wednesday. There were two video demos and a chat portion. Lisa did one demo of TAP and Liquitex products, while SuziBlu did a demo of working iwth the canvas book. She isn’t an artist with whom I was familiar, but it was interesting.  Links to the products used:

  • Transfer Artists Paper:  Lisa basically showed how to use this. I still don’t know, because the chat was so distracting, but it looks very cool and I know my sister would love it for her cardmaking and scrapbooking. I may have go back and watch the archive demo again.
  • Ready-to-Go!® Blank Canvas Book 8 1/2” x 11:  SuziBlu, the featured artist, used this book to show fabric printing, fabric painting and various other techniques. I haven’t never heard of her, but the audience was very enthusiastic. Her faces looked similar to Kelly Rae Roberts and I wonder if they work together?
  • Silicone Release Paper:  – Lisa said that this does not get hot. The sheets are only 8/5×11″, but I think they would be useful. I’ll put a package on my list.
  • Liquitex paints (inks?) from C&T:  I have used something similar at A Work of Heart. Inks are wonderful.
  • Fabric Art Collage—40+ Mixed Media Techniques eBook by Rebekah Meier:

You can watched the archived replay as well. Lisa received an award at CHA and you can pretend you were there by watching the video.

I ran across Judy Nolan’s blog post on sewing notions. There were some listed that I thought would be very helpful to quiltmakers, including the Cotton Mills Treasure Markers. In the course of the post, she also gives a brief history of Nancy Zieman, of Nancy’s Notions fame, and her career.

Adrianne keeps pointing me (and her other blog fans) to the Fat Quarterly Magazine/Newsletter. I love the idea and think the articles and information would be right up my alley. I don’t love the online aspect and I can’t see myself printing 70+ pages on my little inkjet. I don’t enjoy reading in bed with my laptop. Perhaps with the iPad, but still, I really like the old print versions to read at night. Not sure what I will do, except not buy it at the moment. New business model: printing and binding online mags for people for a reasonable price on a subscription basis.

In some part of Fat Quarterly that I, as a non-subscriber, could access, I was introduced to Modern Day Quilts, a Tumblr blog that showcases one quilt a day. When I went to look I saw one that looked like the mosaic piecing from a recent issue of the AQS magazine and the art glass type quilts by Julie Hirota. It was made by the writer of PinkPlease! blog. Apparently, though, the artist is calling it a ticker tape quilt from a tutorial.

Be*mused has a set on Flickr of quilts from the Tokyo Quilt Festival this past January.

I haven’t always loved video, but I am liking it more. I didn’t used to watch much TV and the video was jerky and weird. Now, there are so many videos on subjects in which I am interested (such as quiltmaking! Embellishing! Piecing! etc) that it is great to watch little bits of videos and learn something. I just found that Laura Wasilowski has a video on making French knots. It is a little over a minute long and well done (except for the wooshing sound in the background). Viewers also get to see one of her fabulous whimsical pieces.

I’m part of Contemporary Quilt and Fiber Artists (CQFA) and we’ll be exhibiting “Primal Green: Environmental Art Quilts” @ the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library (5th fl) from March 1 – July 30. Artist reception will be held on April 17th @ 1pm. Hope some of you can come! Check out our link for more info:

The Young Man keeps asking for his annual quilt. Huh? He recently told me he wants a food quilt. Mom has a lot of food fabric that I bought for her. Robin, at the recent retreat, was making a disappearing 9 patch, which is stuck in my head. I was thinking of working on one of those using food fabric for him. Recently, I talked to my mom and she said that she was thinking about making a disappearing 4patch. I looked up the directions to which she pointed me and it looks interesting, too.

I know BryeLynn of Sew*Stitch*Create has had a lot of problems with her Janome 11K, but I would still like to upgrade to one. It isn’t going to happen until we get the Young Man off to college, but that doesn’t mean I am not tempted by ads that Janome currently has running.