Creative Prompt #112: Heat

The heat is on in many parts of my area while we are socked in with fog. In an homage to the heat of summer, heat is the word.

The heat is on

race heat

Miami Heat

in the heat of the moment

Heat, a movie from 1995, directed by Michael Mann


Heat may be defined as energy in transit from a high temperature object to a lower temperature object. An object does not possess “heat”; the appropriate term for the microscopic energy in an object is internal energy. The internal energy may be increased by transferring energy to the object from a higher temperature (hotter) object – this is properly called heating.

extreme heat

heating and cooling systems

Lickin’ the Heat

turn up the heat

when the heat rises

put the heat on

Help Desk software

dry heat

“If it ain’t the heat; it’s the humilty” — Yogi Berra

heat safety

“Anger and hatred cannot bring harmony. The noble task of arms control and disarmament cannot be accomplished by confrontation and condemnation. Hostile attitudes only serve to heat up the situation, whereas a true sense of respect gradually cools down what otherwise could become explosive. We must recognize the frequent contradictions between short-term benefit and long-term harm.” – Dalai Lama

rising heat

feel the heat

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” (widely attributed to Harry Truman)

summer heat

heat relief

heat transfers

commercial heat press

Beat the summer heat

desert heat

Havin’ a Heat Wave [a tropical heat wave] – Marilyn Monroe

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