More Stars for San Bruno

A few days ago, I put out a desperate plea for additional star blocks and you came through brilliantly! Thank you!

My mom got hers additional blocks in first. She was heading off to vacation when I called her and got a few blocks made before she left. She will probably be mad to hear that I didn’t use them yet. Sorry mom!

Michelle contacted me out of the blue and asked if she could contribute, then she came through with flying colors. She made a vast array of the blocks, so I will have many more blocks to work with. Thanks, Michelle!

My SIL also came through spades. She has a large, stand-alone embroidery machine and embroidered a bunch of blocks. These will give the last quilt a different look.

I also made the binding for the Stars for San Bruno #2 and will send that to the quilter tomorrow. Now I am more excited to start.