Block-a-Long #14: 9 Patch Foundation

9 Patch Foundation #14
9 Patch Foundation #14

HAH! Fooled you! I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Really, the blog was busy yesterday with the Primal Green information. Priorities, you know.

But, we are back in the Block-a-Long saddle. Thenewest block, which I named 9 Patch Foundation is a very similar block to the 9 Patch and the 9 Patch Go Round. Can you see how they relate to each other? Can you see that they are the same type of grid?

If you saved some strips or patches from either of those blocks, you can use them for this block. If you are brand new, I am providing the directions for your convenience.

9 Patch Foundation Rotary Cutting Directions

Please post blocks you make to the Block-a-Long Flickr Group, or on your blog with a  link in the comments section below.