Last of the Jane Market Totes

I am not sure I will make these bags again. I might, but I have made enough to last me a lifetime. I have taken making more than one from the same pattern to new heights of crazy.

Orange Jane Market Tote
Orange Jane Market Tote

The funny thing about making the same pattern over and over is that I get used to making it. For this version, I cut the pieces out at the last BAMQG meeting. Cutting is a good thing for me to do at the meetings.

On Sunday I spent the day finishing up some smaller projects. I didn’t want to start another project just yet and I had some blocks to make and bags to finish.

This bag was one of them. I bought the fabric to make a bag, but I think I bought it to make the Eco Market tote. Somehow I never got around to it, but I thought it would be good Jane Market tote. I think it turned out well.

One of the annoying things about the pattern is that I always forget to cut some part of this pattern out. This time it was the lining. This is such a pain and totally my fault.

2011 Jane Market Totes
2011 Jane Market Totes

These are all the totes that I have made this year. Lots of nice fabric, don’t you think?

Actually, I might make one more. I have a lot of miscellaneous parts from various bags that didn’t work out for some reason and I might just put them all together in a mish mash kind of bag. We’ll see.

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  1. I made so many of these a couple of years ago that I had to take a complete break from them for awhile. I do love them because they are a nice simple way to show off a print that would get lost if cut up into little pieces. I’ve been making them as the “gift wrap” for the flannel receiving blankets I make for the (many) expectant mothers at my office. The moms seem to like them because they are a good size for hauling kid stuff around once you get past the diaper bag stage.

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