Thoughts on Shapes

Lozenge Shape
Lozenge Shape

I really can’t figure out how my mind works. Sometimes I like the way it works, because it sends me off in a new creative direction.

I was making the Northwind block for the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild A-B-C Challenge and got to the point that you see in the top left photo. All I had to do was put some larger triangles on the sides and I would have a nice tidy square, but this shape stopped me in my tracks.

I have been wanting to make a Lozenge quilt for awhile, but it hasn’t come up high enough on the to do list yet, but seeing the way this shape went together made me think about that future piece a bit more.

You can easily make this into a square by adding triangles. In this case, the triangles will be part of the design, but they could easily be background as well.

I could change the colors around so that the piece would be really scrappy or use 80% of a line of fabric.

The piecing isn’t difficult – few half square triangles and you are in like Flynn.

Lozenge Example
Lozenge Example

So, this is an example of a quilt made with this shape/block.It is a quick and dirty EQ7 design and I can already see some changes that I want to make, but you get the idea of what you could with this block. I like the diamond shape. It reminds me of the Stepping Stones quilt.

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