FOTY 2011 Returns

FOTY 2011 ready for binding
FOTY 2011 ready for binding

I had a nice surprise yesterday: FOTY 2011 returned to me ready for binding! I didn’t know Colleen was working on it, but here it is. It was perfect timing, too, since I just finished the binding on the Stepping Stones on Thursday.

I also didn’t think I like this quilt that much, but the quilt really made the quilt. This photo isn’t that great, but the boys weren’t home to hold it and I wanted a photo RIGHT NOW!!, so I just took this one. Do click on the image to make it larger, so you can see the quilting.

I already started working on the binding and I am sure I will be done with it this week. As mentioned, I have a cold, so there is a lot of laying on the couch happening.

The last time I wrote about this project was almost a year ago: 2/21/2012.