Finished: Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones: Finished
Stepping Stones: Finished

I finished the Stepping Stones on Thursday night. I was able to take a photo in front of the house when I had a spare young man to help hold the quilt.

I like the way this quilt came out and after I show it off at the guild, I will send it off to one of the nephews.

In general, I am pleased with it. I think it does look better close up. Of course, the quilting is fantastic. Looking at from this distance makes me see how the colors could be done differently.

Sandy, of Quilting…for the Rest of Us, in episode 116 and 117 spoke about the differences between the way Bonnie Hunter and Kimberly Einmo explained how to choose fabrics for their mystery quilt projects. It made me thinking about the pattern for this quilt and I think the same principles apply. The authors of the book assume you are going to use the same fabrics they used, though I think they do mention that you can use any fabrics in passing. They don’t say where you need contrast and where you need some parts emphasized. From looking at this picture, I see how I should have extended the points of the diamonds into the border (the border was my own design) and how some of the reds have too much white in them. I think the book would have more shelf life if more attention was given to the fabrics. Kind of a shame, really.

I do want to make the pattern again so I can try to do better. You know I have been working on sample blocks using various Bonnie and Camille lines. The biggest thing I realized is that I need contrast – a lot of contrast – between the background and the foreground.