Star Sampler Fabrics

Fabrics January 2013
Fabrics January 2013

I have been working on getting the fabrics for the Star Sampler together.

I washed a bunch of new fabrics over the weekend  and have added some of them to this group. I have a few more to iron, but will probably add them as well.

It occurs to me that the ones with a lot of white won’t work with the background I have chosen. I want the stars to be crisp and I don’t want the colors of the fabric in the stars to bleed into the background. That might mean taking out that nice graphic dot in the top row.

Additional Star Sampler Fabrics - January 2013
Additional Star Sampler Fabrics – January 2013

After I started writing this post, I was doing my Qi Gong practice and looking at the FOTY 2012 top, which was in process on my design wall. I saw some other fabrics, which I thought needed to be added.

I do notice that the group is getting very blue heavy, so I need to use a lot of the non-blue fabrics OR find some more of the purples and greens.

It has taken me some time to get the right fabrics and I think I still have more to add and some to take away. This group has more fabric than the group I posted in December.

Now I need to get off my duff and make some blocks. Enough playing with fabrics!