Star Sampler – Week 14

Star Sampler-Week 14
Star Sampler-Week 14

Week 14 Week of April 29 (8″ blocks) (JHL chooses)

  • Basic Star
  • Broken Star (Around the Block)
  • Indian Star (Around the Block)
  • Martha Washington Star (Around the Block)

Hooray! I finished another week’s worth of blocks. We are nearing the end of these blocks, too.

I still have about 40 of the 4″ blocks to go, but I have been cutting for them and using them for leaders and enders. I can get about 5 done in a few hours that way.

I made a pile of fabrics, from the grand pile that is my palette of blues, greens and purples, that I may use for the 4″ stars. I’d like them, if possible to each be different. I don’t know if it is possible. I have plenty of fabric, so that isn’t the issue.

The issue for next week is whether I lost a basic star or not. I think the issue is that the stars fill every inch of my large design wall and I may have lost track of one of the blocks. I have to count and see.

I have plenty of work to do on this project, but I am glad that the end is near.