BFSI Question #1 Review

I am a little behind on posting the reviews of the BFSI responses, but I am still committed to posting the reviews. Question 1 was about readers UFOs. It was interesting to see what people have on their UFO list.

The question was “The question for this giveaway is:

Tell me about your top 5 UFOs. What do they look like, what is stopping you from finishing? Do you still like the colors?

If you don’t have 5 UFOs, tell me about the UFOs you have or your current project. ”

I am trying to use the term ‘UFO’ for projects that are really old. I am trying to think of WIPs as pieces that are in process, being actively worked on. I usually work on a few things at a time, but am trying to work on one main project. The leaders and enders technique is a great way to get a lot of progress on multiple projects. I put some projects on the wall and look at them, etc. I didn’t ask all of those details, but I still liked all of the answers.

cw wrote “Hmm top five, I do like the colors -all the colors since none are very old (more than two or three years).

  • The list include 2013 ornaments, which are scrappy cubes and time will tell how many I complete.
  • Gold and green doll quilt put aside for Xmas sewing.
  • Blue and yellow windmill quillow pillow put aside for Xmas sewing. blue and yellow quillow, which may be finished if I draw someone suitable and the blue/green and white infinity block set in a field and furrow pattern which I was stuck on but have figured out how to progress but it put aside for Xmas sewing.”

Leslie wrote:

  • Grandmother’s Flower Garden – no hurry, I’ve been working on it off and on for at least 16 years. Someday it will be done.
  • Giant one block appliqué that was begun in a class. No hurry. I might finish it someday.
  • KC Star appliqué flower quilt – no hurry. I love it. Someday it will be done.
  • Pile of blocks I won in a guild raffle. May never be finished. Everyone agrees that they are the ugliest blocks ever. I keep thinking I will find washing fabric that will make them all play nicely.
  • Block of the month pieced cat blocks. No hurry. Someday I will make the rest of the blocks. When I am in the mood.

All except #5 are at least 15 years old. #5 is only about 10 or 12 years old. I still believe in all of them.

Leslie didn’t say whether or not she likes these UFOs, but since she wants to finish them, I assume that she does.

Glenna in TX said “I have 2 REAL UFOs – they have been on my shelf for years. I think I don’t finish them because new (shiny) stuff catches my eye and I’m off on another project, maybe ones with deadlines like now. I also have WIPs – those are the ones I must finish because they are for someone else.”

I know about shiny, too. I am trying to curb my shiny distraction and keep my current projects shiny by working on them so they don’t lose their shininess.

Kati R shared a few UFOs, too. If I had an Easy Street project on my list, I would still be considering it a WIP.

  • Twin size Pink and brown monkey quilt, which I started 4 years ago for a then 10 year old. She picked out the fabrics, but I’m not sure if she’s still like the quilt since her favorite color is blue. On top of that She recently made a comment that quilts are Granny-ish. I don’t want to waste my energy on a quilt which she would not even appreciate. I’m thinking about giving it to my friend’s daughter after it’s finished.
  • I have some handmade ribbon roses which I wanted to put in a 3-D quilt, but never got to it. I’d need to buy bias bars for the stems to make them.
  • Christmas QAYG quilt in which the quilting is almost done, just have to assemble. I keep watching videos how to do it.
  • Queen size hand-pieced Grandmother’s flower garden. It’s not EPP because I used my own hand-made plastics. I need to check the top closely to make sure there are no marker marks left on it from the sharpie I used to mark the templates. I had to change several pieces because of that. It needs basting, I needed a few years to figure out if I wanted to cut the edge straight, or finish it with a different method. Now I found a way to make it, so it might be in the near future, I just never know!
  • Chain of Stars mystery quilt top, 48×48, I might put borders on that one, haven’t decided, just finished it a few days ago.

Also, a queen and a king. I can’t believe it.

SandyH also listed 5 of her UFOs.

  • Vicky’s Peacock–top is finished, just need to quilt it. Still awaiting inspiration on quilt design.
  • 2008 Guild BOM–blocks done, need to put together into a top. Will likely send out for quilting. I just keep getting distracted…
  • Tapestry–just need a stick to hang it. Really, it’s silly that it’s still sitting on my self. And now said sticks are frozen into the ground.
  • Jelly Roll Sampler–about half the blocks are done. This has been my “take on retreat” project for years, but I really just need to get ‘er done. I should put myself on a schedule for doing a block a month or something.
  • Hexies. Shhh. Don’t tell Pam or Jaye. Oops, I mean…

Now I know what happened to Sandy’s Hexie. 😉

Janet writes “Currently my top five UFO quilts that still need attention are:

  • Paper-pieced Log Cab 5 UFOin – Out of 100 blocks I still have 70 blocks to complete. The blocks need to have fabric strips 9 – 12 added.
  • Craftsy 2012 BOM – Need to layer and quilt it.
  • Strip Twist II –  Need to piece the back before layering and quilting.
  • String Block –  Need to buy the sashing, binding and backing fabric.
  • Day Dream Quilt – Need to get binding and backing fabric.”

I see a theme in a few of these UFO lists, and one that I share, quilting, and binding. I suppose those are the most difficult parts. Perhaps we should commit to getting better at quilting? Or perhaps we should just keep piecing and having a good time. 😉

Jen listed her top 5 UFOs. Now I wish I had asked for people’s entire list of UFOs. That might be a little scary, though, if people have as many UFOs as I do. She wrote “Top 5, Huh?  OK….

  • Head hung in shame on this one….I have 3 unfinished blocks to design for a bee that ended this summer.
  • The quilt I was working on earlier today during #BFSI – it is now 1/3 quilted! and I hope to continue more tomorrow.
  • A pink sampler quilt that I created for the Beginner Quilt Along last year.  I have it basted and SID’d, but it needs additional quilting.  Honestly, I am sick of looking at the thing and can barely bring myself to think of it.  It is destined to be donated to my guild…..if I ever finish it.
  • Blue and Brown “Land of Lincoln” quilt.  It has been in the flimsy stage for over a year, needs borders, then finishing.  I actually like this quilt, and it will be perfect for our room at the cabin.  I’ve just been busy with other stuff.
  • Swoon quilt – all the pink and grey blocks are made. I just need to sash, border, etc.

What is keeping me from finishing them – quilters ADHD.” I think it is the shiny factor. Quilter’s ADHD sounds so depressing.

What I have found with the 26 Projects list is that the ‘shiny’ factor is critical for me. There is so much fabulous fabric out there, and fun activities like mystery quilts that I need to keep moving forward on current projects. I think my UFO list got filled up because I stopped working on pieces and they became less shiny.

The last BFSI review was about question #3. Read it. I would love to read your comments.