Gift Needle Case

Charlotte's Needle Case - closed
Charlotte’s Needle Case – closed

I admit to being one of the instigators of a thank you gift for Charlotte, the Scrapitude Queen. I thought that a small token of our appreciation for the hard work she did on Scrapitude would be well deserved and a lovely surprise as well.

Like the BAMQG gifts, I suggested we all send small gifts to Sandy and Sandy could make a bag and put all the gifts inside. I left it until the last minute and made a needle case over the first February weekend while DH watched the big Sportsball game, as Pam calls it. I wasn’t procrastinating, I was just out of town. And, of course, Scrapitude embroiled some of my attention during that weekend.

My idea was to use scraps, but I have to say that after working on Scrapitude, I wanted some symmetry of fabric and some calm. I love my Scrapitude quilt so far, but it has a lot going on.

I had a love piece of Martha Negley vegetable fabric that was large enough for the outside. It is a little dark, but the eggplant was so wonderful.

Charlotte's Needle Case - inside
Charlotte’s Needle Case – inside

Inside is completely different. I had a strip of some mermaid fabric, but only fish and mermaid tails were left. I fussy cut a bit and made it look like my lovely mermaid was swimming off the piece. At least that was my intention.

Again, I sewed the inside and outside right sides together and then turned them and top stitched. I stitched the ribbon closure to the outside before sewing the main pieces together.  I hope she likes it.