Box Full of Letters

I heard a Wilco song recently called Box Full of Letters and thought that would be a better name for my version of the Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern, Love Notes. Love Notes is a nice name for a cutesy quilt, but I didn’t want to make a cute Valentine’s Day quilt. I just wanted to try out the pattern and see how it worked.

Triangle Squares - preparing for blocks
Triangle Squares – preparing for blocks

I have been sewing the squares and cutting them into half square triangles. I have used the Kiss Kiss charm squares that Torie gave me, but am also adding other fabrics that work well with that charm pack. The stacks in the photo will make about 20 blocks. I found a few more that had fallen down on top of the Stepping Stones fabrics.

Potential blocks
Potential blocks

There is quite a lot of red in these blocks and I need to add some other colors to the group, but first, I am going to sew these blocks together and see what I have. The blue solid background may make it less sweet. There is a fabric with a black background and pink dots (I think) of which I would like more. The bottom line is that I need to see how the blocks look. I haven’t sewn any blocks yet, but stay tuned for that.