February ATCs

February 2015 ATCs
February 2015 ATCs

HA! I actually made ATCs early, e.g. I wasn’t working on them the night before or the morning before the meeting.

I didn’t use the backing I prepared, but I had a different idea, as you can see, using the leftover tablecloth plastic I used to make one version of the Eco Market Tote. They came out a little bit curly, but I like that I am able to see through them. I did put a label in between the layers before I sewed the pieces together.

This is the first time I have used the roller foot with the new machine. It worked ok. Not great. Not terrible.

The exchange went pretty well. We had 6 people exchanging which meant I didn’t get one of each. wpid-wp-1425161944553.jpeg wpid-wp-1425161890853.jpeg I missed one of Nancy’s and one of my own. Usually I don’t choose one of my own, because I can make one for myself if I want one. I would have really liked one of Nancy’s. Oh well. There is always next time.

February 2015 ATCs - all choices
February 2015 ATCs – all choices

Julie’s (left hand photo, lower) uses some of the supplies we bought at Dharma last Friday. She rushed right out and used the silk thread/yarn I talked about. It looks cool and I really have to try it.

My chosen ATCs - Feb 2015
My chosen ATCs – Feb 2015

I am happy with the ATCs I picked. Rhonda’s (lower left) really looks different than the others, though isn’t too far off the one in the upper right hand corner by Bron.

The gold one is by Diane and I didn’t hear how she made it, but I think she must have melted something to give it texture.