Creative Prompt #303: Hook

Hook – 1991 movie

fish hook

Off the hook

Redhook Brewery

Gravity Hook by Adam Atomic + Danny Baranowsky

Action Hooks allow you to add your own code to WHMCS that runs when specific events or actions occur inside the system.

hook & eye

Hook partners with leading advertising agencies to design and develop spectacular interactive ad content for desktops and mobile devices.

Git Hooks. Like many other Version Control Systems, Git has a way to fire off custom scripts when certain important actions occur.

crochet hook

Hook Mobile SMS API provides cost effective messaging solution for user acquisition.

button hook

Hooks allow custom code to be executed when some defined event (such as saving a page or a user logging in) occurs.

Hook & Ladder truck

Nick Hook (Soundcloud)

grappling hook

Hook Definition
Hook Definition

Redmine supports the concept of Hooks. It is an API to allow external code to extend the core Redmine functionality in a clean way.

coat hook

ook & Loop team members have created bestselling apps for iOS, visual effects for Hollywood films, ecommerce sites for fashion powerhouses, comic books, etc

Red Hook Recreation Center

bad left hook (boxing)


Captain Hook

At hook’s cheese company, Tony and Julie Hook have been making Wisconsin cheese for over 35 years.

A hook is a mechanism by which an application can intercept events, such as messages, mouse actions, and keystrokes.

Dragonclaw Hook

Post the direct URL (link) where your drawing, doodle, artwork is posted (e.g. your blog, Flickr) in the comments area of this post. I would really like to keep all the artwork together and provide a way for others to see your work and get familiar with your blog or website.

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Sandy Hook Elementary School