Creative Prompt #335: Urchin


Urchin is a web statistics analysis program developed by Urchin Software Corporation. Urchin is used to analyze web server log file content.

Virtual Urchin website features expanding mobile compatibility!

The Big urchin is a random event that can occur during Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing. Players – Runescape Wiki

Seiko “Sea Urchin” SNZF Watch

Urchins are spiked aquatic creatures that have appeared as enemies throughout the Mario series.

Maine sea urchin divers have reached a crossroads as conservation efforts have kept the delicacy virtually off limits to new divers.

Urchin Software analyzes web server log file content to generate traffic reports based on the log data.

jewelry from The Sea Urchin Collection

Sea Urchin Regulations

Sea Urchin Ornamental Wall Decorations from Target

Tea Urchin was set up to share the joys of premium & rare Chinese teas with the world.

Urchin softlight. A shape shifting light that provides ambient diffusion of energy efficient LED light.

Urchin Bistrot

Urchin is a film and animation studio developing a sustainable business practice rooted in free/libre tools and culture.

Sea Urchin Studio is a design company specializing in nature-inspire products for kids.

sea urchins have a water vascular system

Sea Urchin Sea Urchin are Leila Hassan and Francesco Cavaliere

Purple sea urchin. From “The Intertidal Zone.

Urchin Urchin from TheKolWiki

Sea Urchin by Laura Knetzger

Urchin or urcheon is the Middle English term for “hedgehog“. As such, it is applied to many things that take a similar form to a hedgehog:

  • Street children, homeless children who live on the street
  • Sea urchins are spiny sea creatures that are round and prickly like hedgehogs
  • In old theater, urchin was a common name for an elf or fairy that took on a prickly appearance
  • The word urcheon is used to refer to the hedgehog in heraldry

It may also refer to:

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