BAMQG November Meeting

The BAMQG Meeting was Saturday and it felt like an eternity since we had a meeting. We really just missed the October meeting (because of PIQF). Still it was too long. I enjoyed seeing people and the show and tell was amazing.

Going to the meeting
Going to the meeting

This is a photo of what I took to the meeting. Fortunately I didn’t come home with nearly that much.

As a result of missing October, there was a lot of business to cover. The question of the month was good but hard, because the “low hanging fruit” was taken right away: For what are you grateful in the quiltmaking realm. Some of the answers were:

  • Time to quilt
  • Rotary cutter
  • Eleanor Burns
  • People who accept and love quilted gifts
  • Design board
  • Internet tutorials
  • Online buying opportunities
  • Playing with fabric
  • Electric sewing machine
  • Organized charity function
  • Designers
  • Modern fabric
  • Space to sew
  • Creative inspiration

Kelly, who went first since she is the boss lady, said she was very grateful for all of us. She said in such a sweet and sincere way that we were really touched. At least I was. Many people agreed that the guild was a great group.

To Do List
QuiltCon entries due November 30. Kelly encouraged everyone to enter. While I want my quilts to get in, I think that everyone’s work is spectacular and high quality enough to get in.

Claire talked about reimbursements.

The charity Sew Day was a success. About 10 wheelchair quilts were completed and will be donated to a local nursing home.

The guild has donated 65 quilts to local charities this year, which is so fantastic! This is less than last year bit many of those were larger quilts than were donated last year.

Opportunity Quilt
Winning ticket was drawn and someone in Pacifica won.

Cat Beds
Are back! The kits I cut and packaged joined the kits that Amanda brought and were all swept by willing members. She gave a little presentation on making cat beds, which I think got people excited about it again.

New one due in January using Carol Van Zant fabric. I received a piece of fuschia. I don’t know what I will make, but perhaps a simple journal cover.

The guild will not renew the guild’s membership. The board decided that the promised technological infrastructure, other promised features and functionality, especially roster management, had not been realized. The board wants to focus its resources on local activities and members. Members were encouraged to join the MQG individually since the benefits are much more robust for individual members. The guild will pay for Mike’s membership and he will continue as MQG liaison for guild members. He will also advise the Board on MQG matters. The group will reevaluate MQG membership in the future.

I plan to join as an individual member for at least one year. We’ll see if I renew in 2017.

Alison will be transitioning membership function to Annemarie.

Favorite blog swap coming to an end and Joy-Lily will produce a paper and virtual list for everyone.

2016 Speakers
Angela Walters cancelled her workshop with us, because she no longer wants to do 2 day trips. While I didn’t know this workshop was coming, it is huge blow to Amanda who has been working on getting AW to us for 2 years. It makes me upset that she would just cancel like that without consideration for the work Amanda put in.

Officer Elections
Nobody has stepped forward to be president so Ruth and Joelle will share the role of point person this year and a Mistress (or master) of Ceremonies will be selected for each meeting. Lynette and Gerre will be co-VPs. Claire has agreed to continue on as Treasurer. Angela will be Workshop Coordinator and others will take on other roles.

Next Meeting
Winter Extravaganza swap and party is December 12.

Presentation: Ruth’s Scrap Management

Ruth gave us a presentation about her use and management of scraps. She called it Scrap Magic and talked about her system of scrap organization.

Scrap Organization
Scrap Organization

Scraps can be better used if they are organized. Everyone’s organization system will be different and personal to them and how they work. Remember mine?

She uses scraps as soon as she is done with the quilt so that she doesn’t have to file the scraps away. This is a little ambitious for me since I am usually sick of the fabrics by the time I am done with a quilt BUT they are exciting again after they have sat for awhile.

She said that using scraps adds interest to your quilts. I agree! I never thought of this, but her view is that making scrap quilts is like getting a free quilt. Since you don’t have to buy the fabric for the new quilt, the quilt is free.


  • faster to sew into quilts
  • saves space
  • Makes quilts more interesting


  • can lose possibilities because you cut to a certain size.

Organize what you keep so it will be useful. Identify your scrap limits before you start to organize:

  • Size – is there a size that is too small for you to use?
  • Personal taste – do you like the fabric enough to keep it around?
  • Quality – is it good enough quality to continue to use?
  • Shape – is the piece a weird shape or a shape you don’t want to keep?

If your scraps are still overwhelming you, your limits might be too low.

Ruth talked about cutting scraps to defined sizes. She, mostly, doesn’t do it, because she feels it limits her options. If she cuts a 4.5″ scrap down to a 2.5″ square, she has lost an inch or so of fabric that could have been used when a larger piece was required.

Nota bene: I cut defined pieces if I have a project in mind for them. I wrote a post on scrap organization, which will give you other ideas about cutting to defined sizes.

Ruth also curates her scraps. When she chooses fabrics, including scraps, she has an idea of the color scheme or motifs she wants to use. She tries to avoid the Scrap Vomit look. She selects parameters to create cohesion. Not everything works well together, despite what some experts say.

Scraps are good for paper piecing.

You can cut pieces to add to a pre-cut project

  • replace unsuitable charms or strips
  • add darks or lights as needed to a fabric line

Start by selecting yardage and then bringing in scraps to add interest.

I thought the presentation was interesting and a good addition to what has already been posted here about scraps.