Some Goals Achieved

Last night I posted the following list of goals for today:

  1. Make back for Improv quilt
  2. Rhonda’s IRR piece
  3. Cut pieces for Flying Geese swap
  4. Make tracing paper patterns for Pink Chalk Notetaker pattern

Frances added “5. Listen to your favorite podcasts!”

Nearing the end of my day, here is what I got done:

  • Finished the back of the Improv quilt (unless I need to add another strip to the width – am waiting for a call back on that)
  • Rhonda’s IRR piece is done and I will be sending it on to Cheryl tomorrow or sometime this week
  • Not only did I cut pieces for the Flying Geese swap, I actually made Flying Geese. I used them as leaders and enders as I sewed the backs together. Voila! Done.
  • I did start to work on catching up on podcasts. I have a few more to go and I made a point of putting an iPod on my Christmas list.

Still have the pattern pieces to trace, but I am pleased with my progress.





PS This is what almost live blogging looks like!

Quilt Shop: Going Batty

Going Batty Shop
Going Batty Shop

I visited Going Batty last Monday while I was visiting Kathleen in Reno. It is a clean and new looking shop in a strip mall. It is large with a variety of products and is a Bernina dealer.

I was looking for my favorite ruler (Creative Grids 4.5″x8.5″ – CGR48), because Kathleen really needed this ruler. Actually, everyone needs this ruler. It is really great for trimming. They had a good selection of rulers, but, sadly, not this one.

The shop did have the Quick Curves Ruler and several patterns using that ruler.

One of the things I really liked about the shop was the sample quilts on the walls. They had one quilt that made me want to go out and make a Feathered Star. The Feathered Star quilt is a Marsha McCloskey pattern called Star of Chamblie and it looked so great in all solids with a bright white background. Sadly, the photo I took was blurry. 🙁

Walls of Going Batty
Walls of Going Batty

The other quilts on the walls were just as great. There is one quilt that I have seen in other shops. It is a Block of the Month called Color of Love. It reminds me of the Star Sampler. I am tempted to make the BOM just because I like stars and I like the varying sizes of blocks. I do wonder how many star quilts I should make.

I was kind of amazed at the sewing machine and furniture display at the shop. the entire front of the store was full of all the best Berninas available. The furniture was sewing machine furniture and it was gorgeous. Some of it wasn’t very useful (sewing machine cabinet with a round flip-out table-WTH?), but the items I saw that I would buy were gorgeous and useful. One was a cutting table with a few drawers and an open space at the top. On top was a cutting table with sides that flip up to make it the size of a very large Olfa mat.

Going Batty front of store
Going Batty front of store

I liked the fabric, too, though they didn’t have tons. They had a respectable amount, but not tons. There was some modern stuff, but not tons. The shop didn’t seem to have fat quarters for their bolt fabric. Usually that means they only have FQs for end of bolts, but I didn’t ask, so I don’t know. GB also didn’t have very many pre-cuts. I wanted some more of that Zen Chic background mini-charms, but couldn’t find them. The shop had a few pre-cuts, but not many.

The displays were really great and the shop was light and airy. They had an up to date system for checking customers out, though it was a bit slow when we were there. The shop offered Bernina service and sold the new-ish Bernina longarms. This shop is definitely worth a visit.

Contact the shop:

Going Batty
9744 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89511
(775) 351-2424