FOTY 2017 end of April Update

FOTY 2017 - end of April 2017
FOTY 2017 – end of April 2017

After not cutting for a long time, I am on a jag. Here is the most recent group. They are  clear and cheerful. I am pleased that I finally have so many of the mini Pearl bracelets washed finally. I am thinking of making another Sew Together Bag with them.

Author: JayeL

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

One thought on “FOTY 2017 end of April Update”

  1. Hello Jaye, I have been reading your blog for a couple of years and following your FOTY posts. I read but do not always comment. I have tried to backtrack and find a post on how you explain how you came up with the idea, how you organize and some of the history of FOTY quilts, but since you have been posting since 2005 that task has been difficult. Can you post a link or re-post that information?
    I always consider it amazing that someone could plan a quilt so far ahead. I thought I would like to make a similar quilt but I no longer buy fabrics but have been using my ( extensive) stash. I am just having a hard time deciding how to get started. … ie what block / patch to use. How to organize the project … etc.



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