Various & Sundry 2018 #7

Patterns & Projects

Noodlehead has a pouch pattern called the Petal Pouch. It has such a lovely shape.

ByAnnie has a new pouch pattern called Clam Up. It should come as no surprise to anyone that it looks like a clam. There is a video about it as well. The pouches come in multiple sizes.

HollyAnne has a tutorial up about making string blocks. The tutorial is a part of her stash busting project

Brimfield Awakening

Brimfield Awakening

Brimfield Awakening is a pattern company that creates EPP patterns. I saw one, Brimfield Meadows, on Instagram that other day that I really liked. I bought another one of their blocks at QuiltCon (possible for Aqua-Red Sampler???). I like the one that they posted today on Instagram (left). It is fun and cheerful and interesting.

Northcott sends me a newsletter periodically and this month new fabrics for Halloween are coming out. One free pattern is called Elegantly Frightful Oven Mitts. This would be a great swap gift or hostess gift. Other free patterns by Northcott and their designers are found on the patterns page.

HollyAnne gives some ideas on her blog about how to make any quilt pattern scrappy. I have a different idea of making quilts scrappy, which you can read about, also.

You know what a huge fan I am of fabric gift bags, right? I got an AllPeoplequilt newsletter and they have a pattern for a fabric gift bag that has some nice features. I didn’t look at the pattern, but feel free. I want to cover the world in fabric gift bags and don’t care whose pattern you use.

Other Artists

Ricky Tim’s lost his home in a fire burning through the Colorado area where he lived.

Erica Arndt partnered with RomaQuilts to create a free video Jelly Roll Rug tutorial. You have to buy the pattern as this video doesn’t replace the pattern

I love the “linked 8 pointed star” on the Em’s Scrapbag site. I found this when I clicked on a few links after uploading my Design Wall Monday link last week. I wonder if it was originally a Kansas City Star, Laura Wheeler, etc pattern? I’ll have to look into it (in my copious amounts of spare time).


Mel Beach talks about her process for creating her Prince entry in the Cherrywood Challenge. Cross your fingers that Mel’s piece will be accepted.

Fabric, Tools & Supplies

I found a new source for bag hardware. They have some nice options! Have you ever heard of butterfly connector hooks? No? Me neither, but I want to use one for something!

Paintbrush Studios has an interesting pattern. The squares overlap and have different sized sides. This pattern features the Ring Ring line, another line with vintage telephone motifs.

There is a new learning site called Bluprint. It seems to be like Craftsy or Creativebug. They have free trials and a special for $100 for the first year or $9.99 per month. It seems like the per class model is going by the wayside. Angela Walters is one of the teachers. I haven’t tried it.

  • Update 8/1/2018: AQ Reader Lucy writes that BluPrint is a rebranding of Craftsy Unlimited. She points other readers to the Craft Industry Alliance article

I saw a history of Crayons. I have either a 72 or 96 box, but I understand the new standard (??really) is 120! WOW! That is a lot of colors. They updated the chart in the post and it is interactive and fabulous. You know you love crayons. 🙂

Japanese Class 15 is a blog about vintage sewing machines. My mom has an Emdeko and I happened to find a post about that machine. It is a good reference.

Thanks to Sarah Ann Smith for pointing out a blog post on trouble shooting skipped stitches.

I happened cross this shop, Modern Quilting, and thought some of their fabrics were quite beautiful. I like “Dear Mum.”

Copyright & Legal Stuff

A court opinion came out recently that will have everyone who posts photos on the Internet up in arms. The ruling is very narrow, as explained in a recent article. The use has to be non-commercial, even if posted on a commercial site and previously published. In the case mentioned, the phot also did not have any indication that it was copyrighted. This is an odd aspect as everything we create is supposed to be copyrighted whether we put a notice on it or not. If you put a notice on the work, you gain additional protections and rights, but an artist isn’t supposed to HAVE to put a notice on the work. I suppose that will be a reason to appeal. Also the judge said the artist was not financially harmed. As it pertains to this site, all of my photos are copyrighted. If you can’t see the copyright notice, trust me it is there. I am happy to work with people who want to publish my photos. Contact me.