New Pet Bed

Red Peacock Pet Bed
Red Peacock Pet Bed

I have plans to cut up scraps with my Accuquilt Go! on Monday. I figured that I had to have somewhere to put all the schnibbles, so I made a pet bed.

In the past, I have put the schnibbles into the bag I keep clipped to the side of my cutting table. It is, however, nearly full, and why take that interim step? I will probably have enough scraps after my Go! session to fill the whole pet bed. Yay! More comfy pets.

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5 thoughts on “New Pet Bed”

  1. Maybe I should just put my 500+, 1.4″ square sets in a dog bed too. The ‘sets’ are from cutting the corners off of a gazillion sets of trimming from one of Bonnie Hunter’s projects. I had this grandiose idea to save them all, trim them to size, and to make intricate little pieced blocks with these tiny half-square triangle sets. I have hundreds waiting to be ironed open and trimmed. I know if I finished it all, I would have an awesome block or border trim but I am about to give up that idea. I keep tripping over all the work and it is slowing me down. You know how intricate Bonnie’s quilts are. It would be enough to just piece her quilt and to let go of all that fabric.

    Not sure if I will do this or not, but thanks for the idea of what to do with them, if I don’t want to proceed!

    1. Somewhere I have a pattern for this particular pet/dog/cat bed. While I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, I would say that if the project has not been completed and you are tripping over them, keep a pet/dog/cat comfy might be a good use for them.

  2. Me again! Last night was my quilt guild night. During show and tell there was one person who had tiny squares as a border feature. I have decided to put all my cuttings into a box and hang onto them for a while. I may never get to them but if I used them for stuffing, I would never have the choice! lol However, I WILL start saving all the trimmings and bits and bobs for stuffing something in the future. 🙂 Thanks for the idea.

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