Flying Around Top Finished

Finished: Flying Around top
Finished: Flying Around top

I finally finished the Flying Around top. I wasn’t able to take a straight on photo, because the piece is quite large – 81 in x 77 in.

It has taken me since April to finish the top. Yes, I have made other things in between, but no other large tops.

I finished the top on Sunday and made the binding on Monday or Tuesday. I started working on the back and hope to finish it soon.


Author: JayeL

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8 thoughts on “Flying Around Top Finished”

  1. That is gorgeous! I love the colors (surprise) and all the little pointy things (aka. flying geese and friendship stars). I like the feel of the multicolored flying geese running through (or flying through) the single color starwheels. (Yes, I did just invent that word. I’m sure I did!) This top is a great success all around.

  2. This looks fabulous Jaye! I’m sure excited to see it quiltid, so am I. I like how you used the flying geese to create movement between the wheels. Well done! ??

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