Retreat Project

I brought 4 projects with me and only worked on one. The project I worked on was the Running with Scissors tote I cut out last week at Sew Day. The project is pretty complicated and had a lot of steps. It was complicated and I really enjoyed working on it.

Running with Scissors pieces and parts
Running with Scissors pieces and parts

As you might remember, I cut out all the pieces last week. My first step was to do all the little things: install zippers, make pockets and handles, etc.

That took a long time and I started to feel  like I wasn’t making and progress until I started to install the parts. The thing about making bags, I find, is that all of a sudden the bag starts coming together.

I really like the supplies I got from ByAnnie. First, the zippers were really nice. Good quality, operated as advertised. I also got the supplies two days after they had been shipped. It was amazing service.

Running with Scissors inside of bag
Running with Scissors inside of bag

This one took longer than others, but it is complicated. More complicated. The inside of the bag required a bunch of pockets and some of the pockets had zippers.

One thing I didn’t like was that I had to manipulate the zippers. One I had to cut up and remove one of the slides, then put it onto another zipper. I don’t want to have to do stuff like that. I think it is a good skill, but I’d rather buy zippers that were correct.

Rotary cutter pocket
Rotary cutter pocket

I did modify some of the pockets this time. I don’t always do it when I am making a bag, but I decided I wanted space for a rotary cutter this time. I might put a small piece of binding over the stitching on the rotary cutter pocket. I am not sure if I did something wrong. It seems somehow unfinished, but I’ll have to believe the pattern.

I am pretty far along, but the bag isn’t done yet.

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6 thoughts on “Retreat Project”

  1. It’s like a big puzzle. You find one piece at a time and it seems like you make little progress. All of a sudden you’re near the end and it goes so fast! I find the same in quilting when piecing one of Bonnie Hunter’s patterns. lol
    I would be annoyed at having to modify something like that zipper too. I am sure your bag will be wonderful when done though!

    1. Yes, I often feel sad and depressed – like I am getting nothing done as I work on a complex bag project. However, when the pattern is written well you make all of the small bits and pieces first so everything is ready to put together at the end. Once you get to the putting together stage, the bag comes together really well. So far, I think this bag is written really well. I was just at the ‘let’s put it all together’ stage when I had to stop.

    1. Get one with a video. It will make it so much easier. Don’t be scared. It is just one step at a time. If you need a good, useful bag to start with let me know and I will suggest one that you can do with no zippers or anything.

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