Vintage Quilt Surprise pt.2

Marguerite & Juliette's silk quilt
Marguerite & Juliette’s silk quilt

The other day I wrote about a friend’s vintage quilt. She had two and the second one was made from silk in a log cabin design.

I am not a huge fan of log cabin quilts, but this one is a beauty. The silk came from those sample cards. Apparently, whoever made this quilt pulled the silks off the cards, not realizing the cards with the samples had value as well. The remainder of the cards were donated to the LA Textile Museum.

Marguerite & Juliette's silk quilt - detail
Marguerite & Juliette’s silk quilt – detail

Note the low volume look for the background? Very modern, don’t you think?

I like it that there is some color to some of the background prints. It is actually very colorful, if you look at the background (whites/lights) up close.

Marguerite & Juliette's silk quilt - with back
Marguerite & Juliette’s silk quilt – with back

The back is interesting as well, though I forgot to ask where the silk for the back came from. Another modern element: a pieced back.

I was so pleased that Marguerite brought these quilts to share. She did it specifically for Deena and I to see. So sweet!

Take a look at the other vintage quilt. I posted about it the other day.

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