Vintage Quilt Surprise

I was at a BBQ with friends the other day when a friend tugged my sleeve and brought me to the living room, away from the festivities.

Marguerite & Juliette's quilt
Marguerite & Juliette’s quilt

In the living room another friend was unpacking some old boxes – those my grandmother used to get for gifts at department stores. Out of them came two quilts.

This one is a simple design and probably very faded, but is still beautiful. I love the grey to which the original color has faded.

Marguerite & Juliette's quilt - detail
Marguerite & Juliette’s quilt – detail

It is probably a double bed size. They found it when they were cleaning out the linen closet at their mother’s house.

This isn’t a complicated design, but would require a lot of HSTs to replicate it. I think it looks very modern.

It has been folded in the same place for years so there is some damage. There is also staining from … who knows what – non-acid free paper? Wood shelves?

What a treat to see this surprise.

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  1. There is just something about the vintage quilts, isn’t there? The work by hand OR machine can be so perfect, it boggles the mind. What a treat to see! Thanks for sharing.

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