Frolicking Again

The newest clue (#4) came out on Friday. I got up early that day so I could get 1,000 things done before I had to leave the house, so I downloaded it almost as soon as I got up.

My head started to swim when I started to read the clue. It is not written in a well organized manner for my brain. It is written in a friendly and conversational manner. When I went back, more fully caffeinated, I was better able to process what she wanted readers to do.

The clue necessitated a hunt through all of my cool fabrics for the correct color. I don’t have exactly what she suggested, but I have two fabrics that I think will work.

Clue 4 Frolic fabric possibilities
Clue 4 Frolic fabric possibilities

Bonnie asks for aqua, but the two fabrics must have contrast. I needed something a little different. I really want to use the bottom dots. The color is a little lighter than it looks in the photo. Sadly, I think it is too medium and won’t provide enough contrast, or any, frankly, to use. I have about a yard and a quarter so I think I would have enough for all of the strips.

I think I will use the top fabrics. I am not sure what that color is called. It could be aqua, but I always think of aqua as more blue and that is definitely green. I will also have be very careful about the blues I pair with the greeny aquas so that there is enough contrast.

This is the part I dislike about a mystery. If I knew what the pattern would look like I could choose with confidence. I made my choice, though, and will move forward.

I wanted to choose the fabrics early in the week, so that I could be ready to cut whenever I had the chance. I haven’t had time to do anything more, e.g. actually sew, because I have been decorating and wrapping gifts. I have to wrap gifts as they are covering my ironing board.

I plan to cut these pieces using Bonnie’s Essential Triangle Tool*. You might remember that Julie bought this for me for my birthday this year. This will be the first opportunity I have had to use it.







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