Chubby Charmer Does Double Duty

We are taking a break today from your regularly scheduled end of the year/holiday extravaganza that is the blog,. I want to show you that quilted things are not just pretty. They can also be useful.

Half Moon Modern Chubby Charmer Finished
Half Moon Modern Chubby Charmer Finished

Remember my Half Moon Modern Chubby Charmer? This is a bag I worked on for a long time, mostly, because the fabric was so precious I couldn’t think of a ‘good enough’ project for it.

Fortunately, I still like the fabric and still use this bag.

In fact, this bag does double duty as present transport during the holidays. To do that I have to clean it out. I actually use the large pockets for my collection of pie servers and knives. You might think dishing up pie is easy, but with 40 people who want to try everything, 7 desserts and two gluten free diets that will make people sick if wheat wafts past them, I need multiple implements and a strategy. That strategy includes knives (BIG knives) for cutting recalcitrant crust and pie servers since you don’t serve with a knife.

One of the attractions of the Chubby Charmer is that it is big. Big enough to bring a quilt to show and tell. And big enough to bring my pie implements, a mixer, a metal bowl, plastic bag with whipping cream (unwhipped) and 25 small gifts to the Christmas Eve celebration and some back home again.

Chubby Charmer pocket contents
Chubby Charmer pocket contents

In order to use this bag for a non quiltmaking purpose, I had to clear it out. All the large items went on the floor, but I needed the pockets, too. All the small things went on my desk. Later when I had a few minutes to look at them, I was sort of amazed and shocked at the variety and non-variety.

What I was most interested in were the multiples of things:

  • in that cool aqua pouch is a selection of pens. More than one.
  • 3-4 nametags?! I guess I can share with a friend or really want people to know my name.
  • Two chocolate bars: emergency and backup emergency, I guess.
  • 3 ATCs, because you never know when you are going to need a random ATC.
  • Out of date meeting and exhibit flyers. Good for nostalgia, I guess.
  • Multiple post-it notes. You can never have too many pens or post-it notes.

I put most of the stuff back in, if it wasn’t out of date or spoiled. I did spread out the nametags among other various bags. Better to have one than none.

What’s in your guild bag and do you use your bags for other, non-quiltmaking purposes?