More Mette Rings

Three Mette Rings
Three Mette Rings

Yes, I have Mette Rings on the mind.

I don’t know whether I like this wreath better than the other Paper Wreath style I have made. They are different. The spiky paper wreath is kind of like high heels while the Mette Ring feels solid to me.

The photo (left) shows the ones I have made. The one I used for the tutorial isn’t finished and I am not sure what happened to the legs I did finish.

I haven’t tried this pattern with large (12×12) pieces of paper yet. I did start one using the leftover 8.5 inch x 8.5 inch pieces from the last paper wreath. I only have 14 sheets left so I have to figure something out for the last four sheets I need. I am sure I have some coordinating paper, but finding and cutting it to the right size are the barrier.

You can see more of these rings in different configurations on IG. People do amazing things with multiples.