Knitting Refresh

Some time ago I talked about a sweater I planned to knit. I was knitting that sweater because I had bought the yarn and I wanted to use it.

I failed at the sweater. I have knit a sweater before, but the joins on this one defeated me. I started in on another scarf and the yarn is just not good for the scarf. I think I have learned my lesson. Buying yarn on ‘spec is not the same as buying fabric on ‘spec. 🙁

Woodland Capelet by
Woodland Capelet by

Still, I like knitting. I saw a tight poncho that a friend was wearing and I decided to knit it. I sought out the pattern, the yarn and am about to get started. I haven’t checked to see if I have the needles I need and I haven’t wound all the yarn into balls. yarn yarn

I probably should have bought the black yarn, but I wear black a lot so I think the one with turquoise would go well over a black outfit. Besides, I love turquoise. I don’t love that mauve, but I don’t sincerely dislike it either.

I really hope this one goes better than the sweater. I still have to figure something to do with the yarn from the sweater. Ravelry was only marginally helpful. Perhaps I’ll have some time to look on Ravelry again. It’s fingering weight, so if you want to knit me socks or you want it for something, get in touch. Perhaps, I’ll convince someone to make me socks…about 12 pair! I have a lot of that yarn. 🙂



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