More Masks

I need to get more masks finished. I have several from the video pattern in progress, but haven’t gotten to finish them. I need a few more since I seem to be going out a little more. I want to change them after every day I go out. As I mentioned, the YM needs some solid versions for work. I found some fun fabrics leftover from pillowcases.

Sunday Face Masks
Sunday Face Masks

On Sunday when I wasn’t sewing on the Red Scribbles quilt, I made a couple of masks using the pattern from Jen Carlton Bailly and some Bonnie & Camille fabric. I was pleased to be able to use my rotary templates form her class. The pattern went together very quickly and I used some wire that my mom sent me when nose pieces weren’t available.

Sunday Face Masks
Sunday Face Masks

One nice thing about this pattern is the little bit of trim that is created when inserting the nose piece. Also, the nose piece isn’t as fiddly to insert as on my other pattern.

I haven’t tried these on as I plan to give them to my neighbor and I don’t want to share my germs. I need to make myself one to see if it fits, however.

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2 thoughts on “More Masks”

  1. I like these ones, your neighbor will really appreciate them. A just asked me for more since he’s washing his every night and it doesn’t always get dry enough.

    1. She did like them. They really worked well for her, especially the single strap of elastic. It is so individual which masks work. I kind of feel bad for people who don’t know how to sew and have to just take from what others sew. It is difficult to know how many masks are enough. I think I will be happier when Will has 14 or so. I had to start over because of the all solids thing. 🙁 I am pretty slow at mask making.

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