Finished Candy Dish

Candy Dish Finished!
Candy Dish Finished!

I finally finished Candy Dish!

It is nice to finally have this done. I am kind of over the Journey2Nebula project. It is sad, because I was eagerly anticipating the Gazebo project.

I still plan to make the Gazebo table topper** soon. I want to complete the whole group of projects.







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4 thoughts on “Finished Candy Dish”

  1. This pillow really turned out great, I’m glad that you got it done. Gazebo will be there waiting for you when you’re ready to tackle it. I’m considering which colors to use in my version, might be solids.

    1. I want to do it soon, so I can get the rulers back to my friend. I need to finish some Christmas gifts first, though. I may be able to cut and then give them back and sew later.

      I am also considering colors. I keep saving ideas from the forum. I am getting closer.

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