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I participated in the swap that was part of the guild year end party. Sadly, I can’t show all the gifts because we were all on Zoom, but I can show my gift. Of course, you saw the gift I made, the Oslo Tote, earlier this week.

Swap Gift Tea Cosy
Swap Gift Tea Cosy

I received a tea cosy.

As you can see the colors are perfect for me. They mimic the colors of my Aqua-Red Sampler. Some of the fabrics are even the same.

The front has a little pocket. I don’t what I could put in there aside from tea, but I’ll think about it.

Swap Gift Tea Cosy back
Swap Gift Tea Cosy back

Cyndi made it (it was a one-on-one swap, which I didn’t know until I received my gift) and she did a great job. Of course, I asked for turquoise and red, but she chose great fabrics in those colors.

Swaps are fun way to challenge myself. I am not often up for such a project, but I try and participate in swaps the guild sponsors.


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