MY Mini Maker Case

Mini Maker Case Gift from Julie
Mini Maker Case Gift from Julie

Julie made me a Mini Maker Case! I know I mentioned it the other day, but I am pretty excited about that. I am excited to be ready to take my mini Oliso to Sew Day [sometime in the safe future]. I am also excited to go on some quiltmaking adventure with Friend Julie and my new iron.

Mini Maker Case - open
Mini Maker Case – open

I am also excited that I don’t have to make one for myself, though I may make another one fun anyway.

I like the way the iron fits in the case, though the cord, when viewed from the top seems to screw up the symmetry of the case. However, once the zipper is closed, the case looks fine.

Julie picked out some great fabrics for me and did a fantastic job sewing it.

The inside binding is not for the faint of heart. I am impressed by anyone who does it. I like the pop of red she added on my case.

Mini Maker Case - corner with charm
Mini Maker Case – corner with charm

I have had an ArtGirlz charm for a long time. I finally decided that this was the case to which I would attach it. I don’t remember when I bought it, but it has been sitting and waiting for a home for a long time. Time to use things! Life is short.

Julie was worried about not putting in zipper tabs, but the charm will act as a pull so the zipper will work fine.


Mini Maker Case - top
Mini Maker Case – top

The top also looks great. I think the handle will hold very well.

Thanks, Julie!!!