Guild Generosity

Cheri's Bags and Coasters
Cheri’s Bags and Coasters

I was thrilled and amazed by the largess I received this week from my team of Door Prize people.

First, Cheri gave me a full year’s set of coasters and bags. She had given it to me last year, but I told her to hold on the gifts until the next month, then we stopped meeting. Tim picked up the items from her house and I picked the items up from him.

Sue's Zipper Pouches
Sue’s Zipper Pouches

Next, SueG brought me fabric and some zipper pouches. I am all set on zipper pouches and have some good fabric to include with future bags.

The purple and blue paper airplane pouch was actually made and donated by Tim. It goes well with Sue’s contribution, though.

Carrie's Door Prize efforts
Carrie’s Door Prize efforts

Finally, Carrie made some cut little bubble bags and sent me needles, needle threaders and WonderClips to include in future bags.

I really have a great team!