Various & Sundry 2021 #5

I updated the About page to include the most recent podcast in which I was featured.

For Sale

$60+ shipping: La Passacaglia papers and acrylic cutting templates. PayPal cash only. This set includes:

  • Complete Piece Pack Includes ALL the Pre-Cut Papers, approximately 2900 pieces, to make La Passacaglia.
  • 5 Piece La Passacaglia Acrylic Set includes shapes A, B, C, D, and E and is available with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
Carnivorous Plant inspiration
Carnivorous Plant inspiration

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

You know you want to make a flock of chicken ornaments. Check out this tutorial from Ann Wood Handmade. She has a number of free patterns and resources, including a slightly grumpy looking apple core ornament. This site, which is new to me, came through the Oliso newsletter. They frequently have interesting sites to visit. They also tell you about new products and when irons are back in stock.  Sign up for their newsletter through MailChimp.

Check out the BlockBase Sew-a-Long.

Barbara Brackman is starting a new appliqued BOM. Free patterns will be released on the last Wednesday of the month. It is taking place on her Civil War blog, but think about what you could do with more contemporary fabrics.

Marie Bostwick has new pattern, designed by Deb Tucker, to go with her new book, The Restoration of Celia Fairchild. Find other patterns linked with previous books in the same location. Deb is the head of Studio 180 Designs, and creator of two of my favorite rulers, the SplitRects, which I have discussed before, and the Wing Clipper.

Katie Ward is hosting an HRT class on May 15.

Sew Kind of Wonderful is hosting a Rock-the-Block Sew-a-Long. Maybe it is a Block of the Month? Anyway the blocks are really great. They do require all three of the SKoW rulers – the Quick Curve ruler**, the Mini Quick Curve ruler** and the Wonder Curve ruler**.

Articles, Media, Exhibitions and Shows

Clementoni 6000 piece Neuschwanstein puzzle
Clementoni 6000 piece Neuschwanstein puzzle

As I may have mentioned, I signed up for Winsor & Newton’s articles on color. The recent one is about about Green, specifically Chromium Oxide Green. What caught my attention was “What humans do have in common is a shared ability to recognise variations of green better than any other colour.” I have been thinking about this in the context of our 6000 piece puzzle. We have done all the easy bits – the castle, the wall, the lakes. Now we are on to trees (green), mountainsides (green) and sky (flat blue). It is a matter of trying every piece in every space and celebrating when you find one piece. BUT that has nothing to do with what I was talking about. I have been trying to sort the green pieces in this puzzle and I realized that I my efforts were working, but I wanted to sort them in much more detail. While driving down the highway recently, I glanced at the mountains and noticed (again) how many greens I could see. Somehow all of these experiences came together with the Winsor & Newton newsletter.

The other thing the article says is “The average number of colours humans can distinguish is around a million.” A MILLION!! Sheesh! No wonder my photos never look like what my eye can see.

Books, Fabrics, Notions & Supplies

The Glenstone Museum in Maryland is having a Faith Ringgold exhibit. Faith is an artist who sometimes works in textiles and quiltmaking. She expand one of her quilts into a book called Tar Beach. There is a book that goes a long with the exhibit. The buying process is a little strange, but I am sure the book will be fascinating.

I was a little disappointed in the colors I received from my recent zipper order. It occurred to me that there might be such a thing as a YKK zipper color card. There is! I’ll add it to my WAWAK order next time I get zippers. It is also available at ZipperStop on Etsy, but is slightly more expensive.






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