Workroom Refresh Storage

Boxes in the YM's room
Boxes in the YM’s room

Boxes and boxes are filling up the YM’s room. There are a lot, because they are small and filled with books. I used all of our CSA boxes that we have not been able to return due to the pandemic. They turned out to be a good size for books. I ran out eventually and had to scrounge random amazon and other boxes. Eventually, my mom bought me some boxes from Home Depot and that was the last of what I needed.

The YM is coming for a visit in a week and I need to get all of these boxes out of his room

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4 thoughts on “Workroom Refresh Storage”

  1. I feel your pain. I just found out a long time friend from high school plans to visit us next year. I am already thinking of all the things I want to do before she sees my house. We never have company! hahahaha
    I’ve been enjoying your re-do with envy too. It looks like it will be awesome!

    1. It has taken a long time to get to the point of redoing this room. Since I have been spending 12 hours per day here, it was time. I couldn’t have done it as well without my husband. He did the heavy lifting. Start now and give yourself daily deadlines. The work is hard, having the house wrecked is hard, but I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel and it is worth it.

      1. I am sure your space will be fabulous! You have such an eye for color and design. I agree, the mess in the other rooms are worth the end results. And can’t you just push boxes to one side so the young man can get to his bed? Isn’t that all that is really required? hahahaha

        1. Yes, he would be good about it, but I don’t want the mess lingering. Such things sort of run in DH’s family. We need to get bookshelves and I want that done ASAP. If I can get that accomplished, I will be able to clear out most of the boxes.
          Thanks for your kind words. Now, I am just going with all white, though accents will be turquoise. I figure the fabric will provide the color.

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