SuzyQuilts Ultimate Guide

SuzyQuilts wrote an ultimate guide to the best fabric shops. During a recent work meeting where I was invited as a courtesy, and also where I understood nothing, I glanced through the fabric at some of these sites. I had a couple of thoughts that I thought I would share.

I was surprised that I had only heard of a few of these online stores and shopped at only one or two.

Hawthorne Threads: sample color trends
Hawthorne Threads: sample color trends

I am not sure if it is these particular shops, but I noticed that colors are becoming less clear – I wouldn’t say murky, but definitely more into the mustard, apricot, mauve, mint, blue grey, rose, cream, etc. As you can see from my quilts, I like bright clear colors. Way too much brown for me in current fabric lines.

Still, there was a lot of fabric I found that I would buy. (I stayed away from the checkout carts!).  Animals seem to be still on the fabric menu. There is also a wide variety of ginghams – big checks, small checks, more white, less white and LOTS of colors.

It is interesting to see the personalities of the shops based on the colors and the variety of products.

There wasn’t as much Tula as thought there would be. Perhaps I am just immersed in Tula at the moment.

Sewing Arts in Santa Monica has a great and interesting line of thread gloss. I have heard a lot about Robot Mom in the La Pass BOM group, but her store is closed for the moment, so other thread gloss lines and thread conditioners are catching my attention.

I know we all have our favorite stores. I would add Fabric Party, Hawthorne Threads, Pink Door, Stash Fabrics and DIY Addict to the list.

Go shopping! 🙂