All the STBs Again

I know I just showed you all of the Sew Together Bags a short time ago, but I have to show them to you again. Move along if you don’t want to see them again.

I know I have a ton of bags to make and soooo many patterns. I like making bags over and over because I can make them better and faster when I know what I am doing. The last batch of Sew Together Bags went together so easily in comparison to past efforts. I have to say, though, that each time I make them they are easier.

UCAB Front Exterior Again

UCAB Exterior Front
UCAB Exterior Front

I wasn’t happy with the handles on my Ultimate Carry All Bag so I redid the outside. I haven’t completely finished, but I am well on my way.

I love the Brocade Peony fabric, but I did not love the handles and the front zipper.

For this version, I used some dot fabric that was actually 108″ backing fabric that I bought when I went shopping with Friend Julie at Bay Quilts.

This fabric turned out to be rather delicate. The holes are visible where I had to rip some stitching out and the fabric gets runs in it easily.

I also excluded the front zipper. I want the ironing pad to be in the front rather than in the back because of the zipper. I still had to do that weird cutting thing because the handles don’t go all the way up to the top, but there will be no zipper to interfere with ironing.

The other thing I did was to trim the pink handle fabric with some Renaissance Ribbons. I am pretty pleased with how that came out.

I intend to finish this bag soon, so stay tuned. I also intend to finish the Brocade Peony version. I Just don’t know what I will do with it. Maybe a giveaway? Maybe part of the raffle prizes the guild gives away every month?


Sew Together Bag in my lap
Sew Together Bag in my lap

As I mentioned yesterday, I was sewing on the go. I have a specific way I do that using my Sew Together Bags. I usually use the grey Sew Together Bag for EPP. I have used that one for years for working on the Half Hexie Star project. I could have used that one, but I didn’t want to disturb my Half Hexie project (which I haven’t worked on in a year. 🙁  )

Brocade Peony STB for La Pass
Brocade Peony STB for La Pass

For La Pass, I am using the Brocade Peony Sew Together Bag. The photo, left, is what it looks like sitting in my lap as DH drives.

I made this one specifically for La Pass. I didn’t really realize that all the pieces weren’t going to fit inside.

Some of the smaller pieces fit inside, but the larger chunks don’t. For the Half Hexie Star project, I can fit a couple of stars in the bag after they are sewn together.

I kept my backpack nearby while DH drove and could put the larger chunks in the project folder to keep them flat. I also had some zipper bags with the basted pieces inside. They were also in my backpack so i could just reach down and grab what I needed. I probably need to make the A Place for Everything Bag for this project.

Progress on La Pass M2

I was out of town for a few days for some Political Wifery. DH had to give a big check to St. John’s Hospital. They are doing fabulous things for kids with cranifacial anomalies. As usual, if you want to donate fill out the form and  send it in. Know that the Board does not get reimbursed for their efforts AT ALL. We paid for the whole trip ourselves so all of the money can go to the kids.

End of PSA.

La Pass - started M2
La Pass – started M2

When I was not driving or at some event smiling, I was working on La Pass. I got some done.

Month 2 consists of sewing another ring around Rosette #1.

The pieces on the left are sewn to the Rosette #1. The pieces on the top are sewn into chunks, but not yet sewn to Rosette #1.

I am substituting one of the Tula fabrics for the coneflowers. The Tula fabric I am not using is the cats from Curiouser and Curiouser. I don’t want animals looking at me. I know Tula is famous for her animals, but I prefer no obvious novelty fabrics. I am using a bit of the ‘Drink Me’ in the diamonds of Month 2, so I am very inconsistent.

I had hoped to get more done, but I did most of the driving and I haven’t figured out how to drive and sew. I tried to get DH to sew while I drove, but he refused. Someday maybe…. LOL!

Progress is progress!

Finished: Pop Parade Donation Quilt

Pop Parade Dontion Quilt #2
Pop Parade Dontion Quilt #2

Joelle quilted and bound this second of the Pop Parade donation quilts. I finished it in July, so the finish was relatively quick. Thanks, Joelle!!!

As you may remember, I added the large dark red batik fabric (left) with the yellow dots to round the variety of fabrics I had for the X Quilt. I am pleased the quilt is done, but I am also pleased that I finally used this bundle of fabrics. This is a great example of why a person should use the fabrics when they buy them. I loved these fabrics when I bought them and loved them a lot less when I finally used them. I don’t dislike them and I am very pleased with the quilts I finished.

UCAB Small Front Pocket Tutorial pt.2

I know these tutorials are taking forever, but they also take a long time to write. Doing them in smaller chunks fits my schedule better. Hopefully, the smaller chunks makes the bag more doable as well.

Finished Small Interior Front Pocket
Finished Small Interior Front Pocket

Today we are going to make the Clippy Pockets (type 1) used on the sides of the small, interior pocket instead of using the badge holders. The other day, we made the center zipper section. These Clippy Pockets will be placed on either side of the center zipper section. The pleats hold your WonderClips. The Clippy Pocket is not part of Quiltessa Natalie’s original pattern.

You can find the original pincushion instructions, from which this tutorial evolved, in Love of Patchwork & Quilting, issue 39. It is available digitally in the Apple and Google Play stores. The same pincushion pattern is available in the book 50 Little Gifts** from Lucky Spool.

Additional Supplies:


  • Use a quarter inch seam allowance
  • Pay attention to the flaps and pin them back if necessary so you don’t sew them down


Side front interior pocket with clip holder
Side front interior pocket with clip holder

The front pockets needs two of these side pockets. They will go on each side of the center zipper/mesh pocket.

You can make four and put more Clippy Pockets on the back, if you want. We won’t do this in this tutorial, but it is an option.

You will need P4 and all the pieces for the Clippy Pocket, v.2.

The Clippy Pocket section is inserted on the bottom of pattern pg.13. I made the Clippy Pocket instead of vinyl badge holders.

UCAB: Pieces You need
UCAB: Pieces You need

Yes, I am using different fabrics. I am sure you can manage.


1. Cut the following:

A – cut 1 -1 1/4”x5” for edge
B- cut 5 – 2”x4” for Clippy tabs/flaps
C – cut 5 – 1”x5” for between the flaps
D – cut 1 – 3 ¾”x5 for back
Shapeflex – cut 1 piece 19 ¾” x 3 ½”

  1. Sew flaps: fold B pieces RST and sew short sides. One long side will remain open
  2. Turn sewn B pieces right sides out
  3. Press B pieces. Fold will have a crisp seam. B pieces are now flaps
  4. Lay A piece right side up
Layer and center a sewn B piece (flap) on top of the A piece
Layer and center a sewn B piece (flap) on top of the A piece

Layer and center a sewn B piece (flap) on top of the A piece


  1. Layer and center a sewn B piece (flap) on top of the A piece
    Layer and center a sewn B piece (flap) on top of the A piece

Layer a C piece on top of the A and B pieces WS up


Sew 3 pieces together along the long side where the raw edge of the flap will be sewn shut


  1. Press Piece
    Press Piece

    Press C piece away from the other two pieces

Layer another flap (B piece) on top of your sewn pieces
Layer another flap (B piece) on top of your sewn pieces

Layer another flap (B piece) on top of your sewn pieces


  1. Follow steps until you are out of flaps (B pieces) and C pieces


Finished top

You will end up with a piece comprised of strips and flaps that is approximately 3 ¾” x 5”. This piece looks like a ‘flap ladder’. The sides of this ‘flap ladder’ should reach the sides of your P4 strip

Press ShapeFlex to P4
Press ShapeFlex to P4

Press Shapflex on to your P4 piece

Layer your ‘flap ladder’ RST with piece D and sew along the short sides

  • Carefully press seams open without creasing piece D or the ‘Flap ladder’
Now you have a loop
Now you have a loop

Now you have a loop.

Turn your loop right sides out

Press flat

Place 2" from the bottom of P4
Place 2″ from the bottom of P4

Place your sewn piece 2” from the bottom of your P4 strip.

  • Pin in place with the raw edges at the side
  • Fit your machine with your matching or top stitching thread
  • Pin and sew across the bottom using matching or top stitching thread

Sew across the bottom. N.B. : I used a contrasting thread so you could see it. For my final bag, I will use a matching thread.

Finished Clippy Pocket ready to add to small front pocket
Finished Clippy Pocket ready to add to small front pocket
  1. Continue with the directions on the Ultimate Carry All Bag pattern, pg.14, starting with “then fold the pocket fabric in half…”








Next time we will work on the Exterior front pocket

Previous Tutorials:





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Got ’em!

My friend, Cyndi, sent me a text saying that the bookshelves were in at a local IKEA. I couldn’t get them delivered, so I had to arrange to go and pick them up. The packages were longer than my car so I had to borrow a van.

Bookshelves to be
Bookshelves to be

Now the boxes are laying on the floor of my workroom and DH is studying the instruction manual.

La Pass Rosette #1 Finished

La Passacaglia -Rosette #1
La Passacaglia -Rosette #1

I finally finished Rosette #1!!! I am pretty excited, though I’d be more excited if I could rest on my laurels a little bit before having to start Month #2. No rest, though, as I have to get going so as not to fall behind.

One thing I am excited about is that I am FINALLY making progress on La Pass. I have wanted to make this quilt for a long time and I am finally doing it. Working on it as a block of the month is a lot more doable for me than doing it on my own, which is strange. I am good at working on projects on my own, but this one defeated me.

I thought about putting this in my 26 Projects list, but it isn’t a finished quilt. I decided that I would add it to the small projects area so I could keep track of my progress.

On to Month #2!

Testing for La Pass Month 2

The other day I talked about working on Rosette #1 at Sew Day. Since the Month 2 kit and fabrics arrived, I have been thinking about how to arrange the fabrics and replace the cat fabric that is fussy cut into some pentagons.

I came home and did some testing for Month #2’s work, which involves adding on to Rosette #1.

Fussy Cutting Testing
Fussy Cutting Testing

I photocopied the cat fabric to see if I could work out a way to fussy cut it so I wouldn’t see the cat faces. I photocopied the fabric so I could play around with the designs and not mess up any of the actual fabric.

No matter what I do, a little part of the cat faces are in the picture. I would use the purple background, but I don’t have enough to just cut the background. I like the purple of the background of the cat fabrics, but Tula doesn’t seem to have that as a solid or as the background of any other fabrics

Testing the coneflowers
Testing the coneflowers

I also tried to see if some other fabrics would work. The Anna Maria coneflowers fit pretty perfectly into the acrylic template. These are my top choice right now. Lindsay pointed out that if I had other colorways of this fabric I could incorporate them into future parts of the quilt. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, but it is a great idea.

Kaffe flower fabrics
Kaffe flower fabrics

My other idea is to use some of these Kaffe millefiori flowers. They are bright and cheerful, though not very fussy cut-able.

I still have to finish Rosette #1 before I have to decide, but that time will soon be upon me.

Finished: Fabric of the Year 2019

Fabric of the Year 2019 Finished
Fabric of the Year 2019 Finished

I finally finished FOTY 2019 in June, but I couldn’t get a picture taken because of everything going on here.

My pals helped me hold up the quilt at Sew Day. I am thrilled with how it came out. Adding the grey is definitely a different look than Fabric of the Year 2018 with the black squares. It also, obviously, has a different look than the previous years with no constant color.

Fabric of the Year 2019 back
Fabric of the Year 2019 back

I really like the tulip fabric on the back. I don’t use a lot of green, but that emerald – or near emerald color is very appealing. I also really like that print and would like to see the Kaffe Fassett Collective release it in different colorways.

September Sew Day

Sew Day Rosette #1 Workk
Sew Day Rosette #1 Work

Sew Day fell in the middle of Labor Day Weekend. I was happy to go. I didn’t take as many photos this time, because I was devoted to my La Pass Rosette #1.

I got a lot done, though not the whole thing. I am feeling some pressure, because I haven’t started Month #2’s work yet. Month #2 adds on to Rosette #1.

I found that I could walk around and sew, so I walked around with my sewing and talked to people. Lots of people were very interested in my project. Some had never seen EPP so complicated which was a surprise to me. I thought everyone knew Willyne Hammerstein‘s work. I also explained how the Block of the Month program worked.

It was interesting just doing handwork.

Sept. 2021 Sew Day
Sept. 2021 Sew Day

Everyone wore masks, which was great. It is fun to see everyone’s projects. Lindsay came and put together the top and back of a Buffalo Plaid quilt, then began working on her foundation piecing block of the month. She sews really fast. I am constantly amazed at her output.

Lynette's pouch
Lynette’s pouch

Lynette was there. She had a pouch that was an excellent example of what good fabric can do.

This is a fairly simple looking pouch pattern, like the Persimmon Pouch from Sew Sweetness. With the great Kaleidoscope fabric, it looks super impressive.

More donation quilts were exchanged.  There was a free table to which I contributed some fabric and things. it was good fun.

Ring Toss Sew Together Bag

Ring Toss Test Block
Ring Toss Test Block

Remember the Ring Toss block that I agonized over? I am pretty sure I told you I wasn’t going to make the quilt. The block, which I like has been hanging on my design wall since December of 2018. It occurred to me that it would make a great exterior for a Sew Together Bag.  I thought this was an especially good idea since I had no idea what colors the recipient likes.

While I am sad I won’t have this block to look at, I am pretty pleased with how it came out as a Sew Together Bag.


I wish I had thought of how the bag would look from the top. I added grey around the block to make it large enough for the exterior. The viewer can’t see the Ring Toss block from the top. Mostly you see the grey. I think it is fine, since I mostly look at mine from the side or end.

Ring Toss STB open
Ring Toss STB open

This bag has similar insides to the Leaf STB, the Puffin STB and the Brocade Peony STB. I chose different colors for the zippers, needle holder and pincushion so they are different from the other bags.

I meant to hand this off to my DH to deliver at a Native Sons event, but I forgot until he was already gone, so I’ll have to mail it.


Finished: Frolic!

Frolic! Finished
Frolic! Finished

I finally got a picture of the finished Frolic! Some guild friends helped me hold up all the large quilts. Thanks to Tim, Mary, Amy, Marty and everyone who helped.

Colleen did a great job quilting it, as usual. She didn’t quilt it for a long time to help me manage my cash flow, which is part of the reason it took so long to finish. I think the part I like best is the border. It went together so easily and I still marvel at that. The quilt is great and I do like the colors, but those half blocks bug me.

Frolic! Finished back
Frolic! Finished back

I used some big background prints on the back, as usual. I added a white background print to fill out the rest of the back. I had it laying around and it worked. No Philip Jacobs on this back.

UCAB Progress

Brocade Peony UCAB Exterior
Brocade Peony UCAB Exterior

I made some progress last weekend on the Ultimate Carry All Bag. Shocking, I know. I was spurred on by finishing the STBs, not having my design walls available and by talking with Lynette at Sew Day. Mostly, I am also determined to get this *&^% project off my to do list.

As you might remember, I am making one as a gift. That one is farther along, because all the pieces are cut. I have been cutting the pieces as I go along for this one and I didn’t cut the pieces for the zipper yet.

Sometime ago, I decided to use some fake leather I bought for the bottom, so I want able to use that piece to put the exterior together.

I am still trying to decide whether I will put an ironing pad in this one. I am not sure I will use it, but it seems like a good thing to have anyway.