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Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

Check out Friend Julie’s village blocks. I think this is a larger project. Are you working on these blocks?

As I said, I am gearing up for the La Passacaglia project. The first month’s shipement of the BOM is shipping at the end of this month. <squeeeee!!!> The BOM group is really fun and I can’t wait to read the messages every night to see what people were talking about. Many of the participants are trying to organize their supplies. To this many are making the A Place for Everything 2.0 bag from byAnnie. I, too, would like to make one as I do think it would be a great bag for this project. I might make one, but I don’t have the bandwidth right now (have  you read my posts about clearing out my workroom?). I do enjoy thinking about it, though.

Tula Pink has a FB video where she talks about her process for making byAnnie patterns. One of the things she highlights is the way she chooses fabric with fussy cutting in mind. I think I am seriously going to make the A Place for Everything bag for the La Pas project. When? Who knows. Soon. Maybe. I enjoyed the TulaTalk video, though she does say ‘like’ a little more than I like. ?

If you want to learn the basics of EPP, Naudia Tatum has an EPP 1 video where she discusses making the Smitten BOM with Pink Door. This BOM has already started, but you can stretch your imagination to your own project and learn about the tools she uses. She goes into a good amount of detail. From what I have watched, I agree with her on most points about tools. She uses the Jen Kingwell template grips**. As she shows how to use them, they look just like True Grips**, which are what I am used to using. I use a different kind of thimble, but any thimble that works for you is fine. The second part of the video discusses cutting.The third part discusses glue basting. I don’t glue baste, but I was interested in her discussion of the direction of her dog ears (at about~50 minutes). I can use that information, I think even though I will be thread basting.

A good follow-up to Naudia’s video is another one by Tula Pink. The thing I like about this video is how she talks about choosing fabrics. She says choosing fabrics for EPP is like eating an elephant. If you try to cram the whole thing in your mouth, you will choke. Watch this video. It is really helpful.

Yes, I have EPP on the mind!

Barbara Brackman’s Flora Delanica block-of-the-month has setting and fabric options posted, now that all the blocks are finished.


In another video Tula talks about the new Free Spirit pre-cuts. In an offhand sort of way she highlights that nobody ever knew where to measure pre-cuts when they had pinked edges. FreeSpirit is now cutting layer cakes and 5 inch charm packs with straight edges! Yay!

Alison has shop called And So There. She makes beautiful cards, journals and other paper products. Take a look at her small journal with the scissor motif.

Textiles in Lockdown is a podcast by Ruth Singer which “explores the research project ‘Textiles In Lockdown’ which she has created for Gawthorpe Textiles Collection. During August 2020 Ruth created surveys to delve into the stories of textile making practice over the months of lockdown. 180 hobby makers and over 120 textile professionals responded to our survey to share their stories.” The “Gawthorpe Textiles Collection is an internationally renowned collection of global textiles located in the heart of Pennine Lancashire. The Collection is an accredited museum and independent registered charity with a focus on education, well-being and the preservation of traditional craft skills.”

Books, Fabrics, Notions & Supplies

I was led to the FIGO fabrics site and spent a happy amount of time looking at their current and forthcoming fabrics. I love their solids and Bijou is interesting.

Check out the Hemline various bags and boxes for sewing supplies. Their Craft Bag looks very similar to the Ultimate Carry All Bag.

Articles, Exhibitions and Shows

I found an article on Fons & Porter in the Quilting Daily. I think I saw it on Friend Julie’s blog. While their quilts may not be your style I have always admired them. I watched their shows on Friday nights while the YM and my DH were at Scouts. I would draw pictures of interesting blocks in my journal and try to make them later. This is an interesting article about the trajectory of their business and what they have been doing since they sold it.

Russel Wright Pitchers
Russel Wright Pitchers

I read an article about Russel Wright and his ceramics in the Wall Street Journal while I was waiting for a meeting to start. That sent me on a journey to find out more about him and his work. I read an Artnet article. I love his dishes and, especially the pitchers.  They have a great shape.  I saw a blog post, which shows more of his work and links out to the Metropolitan Museum of Art article about him.






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