Some La Pass M3

Center Rosette #7, La Passacaglia
Center Rosette #7, La Passacaglia

I had a few meetings last week in which I could sew. I got a little bit of M3 done before I started in on M4.

Yes, that says Rosette #7 and, no, you aren’t crazy. I haven’t made Rosettes 2-6 yet. We are jumping around.

In the photo, I am showing the back because it is still in progress. I am pretty pleased with the way this rosette is coming together. it is fitting together much better than the M2 part of Rosette #1. It is smaller and that could be a factor.

I have one more seam to finish before the center is done. As I said, I am going to move to M4 and finish M3 catch as catch can.